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  1. To organize and unite the workman employed as Daily Wages/Muster Roll/Work Charge/Regular/Contract Labour in Establishments / Departments / Undertakings / Industries at and / or connected with Airports Of India and to regulate their relations with the management.
  2. To Secure to the member fair conditions of life and service.
  3. To reduce their grievances.
  4. To prevent any reduction of wages, and to obtain an advance whenever circumstances allow.
  5. To endeavour to provide against sickness, unemployment, infirmity old age and death.
  6. To endeavour to provide leagle assistance to members in respect of matters arising out of or incidental to their Trade / Service interests.
  7. To endeavour to settle dispute between, managementGovernments / Establishments / Undertakings / Industries at and /or connected with Airports of india and their employees and workmen beside Trade / Industrial disputes amicably.
  8. To endeavour to acquire / own / purchase / construct buildings in the name of union by cash or through loan from financial institutions for its Offices / Residences of Office-bearers.
  9. To help members in accordance with the Trade Union Act,1926 in the promotion of the objects mentioned in these rules and
  10. Generally to take such other ( like House Journal(s) etc.) steps as may be necessary to ameliorate the Social,Civic ans Political aims of Union members.


Any workmen employed at Airports Of India connected with the services of industry mentioned in clause 2(a) ,Who has attained the age of 18 years, shall be entitled to become an ordiniary member of the union on payment of an admission of Rs. 15/- (Rupees Fifteen Only). A monthly subscription of Rs 15/- ( Rupees Fifteen Only) shall be paid. Provided he or she agrees to abide by the Rules and By-laws that may be made by  the Union from time to time in the central executive Committee meeting . Any member if so desire may pay yearly subscription of the Union. the member(s) may authorise in writing to the Management for diduction of Admission fee / Monthly Subscription fromsalary and remittance of same to the CHQ directly.


Persons who are not elegible to become Ordiniary Member(s) of the Union as per Clause 3 may be admitted as Hony Member(s) of the Union for the purpose of being elected or co-opted as office bearers (CHQ).They shall be hony. Member(s) of the Union during the period of their office, subject to the provisions of Section 21A and 22 of the Trade Union Act,1926. They shall be elegible for re-election.


  1. No member of the Union shall be entitled to any benefit(s), including election as Delegate / Office -bearer at any level, that the Union may decide to give to its member , unless he or she has been a member of the Union for at least one year and has paid all contributions.
  2. A member of Union who is in arears with his or her subscription of dues, shall be entitled to any benefitsincluding election and / or continuance as Office beares  / Executive Member at any level or Delegate untill all arrears have been paid and a period of one year has elapsed from the date of payment of such arrears.
  3. Should any member(s) of the Union go on strike without the sanction or approval of the Central Executive Committee, they shall not be entitled to any benefits whatsoever.
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